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Handee Randee, Waxed Canvas "Dark Oak and Black"

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This is a Waxed Canvas Handee Randee WITHOUT Goodie Bags at a HUGE discount.

This ain't your ordinary Handee Randee V2. This here is a classic. The center panel is Black 18 oz. Martexin Filter Twill Waxed Canvas and the side panels are a lighter weight 10.10 oz. Martexin Waxed Canvas in Dark Oak.

It is a slightly used prototype bag that has been mounted to a rear rack for a few months. Everything is in brand new, excellent condition except for webbing which is slightly misshapen in the 6 points where it was mounted to the rack. This will not effect the performance of the bag. We cleaned it but it may be slightly dusty and have a few scuffs.

Our Handee Randee V2 is made specifically for the Jones Loop H-Bar. BUT, we tested this one out on a rear rack and it worked perfectly. May also work well on a front rack. Please feel free to contact us if you have mounting questions.

Lastly, our HR V2 typically includes 2 Goodie Bags but this one does not. This bag DOES NOT INCLUDE GOODIE BAGS. We'd be happy to add two Goodie Bags for an additional $70, just let us know via email. If you already have feed bags that you are happy with they most likely can be attached to the webbing on the HR.